Order a Fresh Seafood Meal

When you are vacationing in Sarasota, Fla., you can walk along the sandy beaches, go sailing in a boat or you might go snorkeling. After a busy day, you are going to be hungry, but you can also visit one of the most unique restaurants in the area to enjoy a great meal. Owens Fish Camp is known for its eclectic decor that features items from ships and the ocean, but more importantly, you can order a tasty seafood dish. In many cases, the menu changes throughout the year because you are served fresh seafood that is seasonal.

Enjoy the Fun Decor

Talk to the waitress to learn about the seafood catch of the day along with special beverages or desserts. Alternatively, you can look at the menu to order from an assortment of appetizers or main dishes. While you are waiting for your food, you can walk around to see the great decorative items that are featured in the restaurant. Dining here is a memorable experience, so you should make sure to arrive early in the evening so that you can eat as soon as possible after your busy day sightseeing in this city.