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The Simplistic and Inviting Atmosphere Of Owen’s Fish Camp
If you are on the search for the ideal place to enjoy the essence of Sarasota seafood, look no further than Owen’s Fish Camp. They have an outstanding menu with fresh seafood and an excellent selection of craft beer. The laid back atmosphere of the restaurant, which features rustic, yet vibrant, maritime decor, allows you to sit back and enjoy some of the best quality seafood that Florida has to offer. In addition to this, the staff is unparalleled in hospitality and great service which adds to the experience. The overall charming aesthetic will make you feel right at home and the food will transport you to an era of Floridian simplicity. The restaurant even features a tire swing in the back, which offers a unique and charming touch. Overall, the quality ingredients and inviting decor leave for little to be desired. It is truly a fantastic place to enjoy good food and excellent company.

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If you’re looking for a great Sarasota seafood restaurant, check out Owen’s Fish Camp. Owen’s Fish Camp offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes served in a setting with a unique decor.

Each day, the finest fresh fish is selected to be the Market Fish of the Day. In addition to this selection, the restaurant offers appetizers like mini Maine lobster rolls and soups like Creole fish gumbo. A few of the main courses at the restaurant include scallops, mussels, clams, catfish and lobsters. Burgers and chicken dinners are available for those who aren’t in a seafood mood.

Owen’s Fish Camp is conveniently located at Burns Court in Sarasota, Florida’s downtown area. Owen’s Fish Camp opens each day at 4pm.

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