Owen’s Fish Camp features an Old Florida style setting, which provides a cozy historical dining experience. Old Florida design incorporates the materials, the accents, and the overall feel that architecture and interior design had in Florida during the 1900s. The materials used and point of view are very important for pulling off this style.

For example, oak and pine are commonly used for furniture and flooring. Hardwood floors assist with creating a warm atmosphere. Bead board is popular for the walls and ceiling treatment. As for colors used for paint, Old Florida style includes soft browns, creams, yellows, and greens. Old collections displayed throughout the restaurant (or home) adds a unique touch.

As Lori Fountain, an interior designer, explained, “We lead busy lives today, and the appeal of an Old Florida look is that it goes back to a slower, more gracious time.” At Owen’s Fish Camp, we believe people should take the time to relax and enjoy their meals. Our Old Florida decor helps accomplish that goal by setting the right atmosphere during your stay.